Individual Debt Enforcement And Bankruptcy Law

As stated in the press, a large percentage of the population in our Country is in the status of debtor for any reason. Therefore, the issues of debt enforcement and bankruptcy law are encountered in most people's daily life. As a matter of fact, while there are enough creditors to correspond to the rate of the debtors, it is unavoidable to have one of two capacities i.e. debtor or creditor today. While knowing their rights provides debtors with an advantage of being relieved of  paying off a debt that they do not really owe and/or with an advantage of structuring their debt, providing a strict follow-up process enables creditors to collect their receivables quickly and easily.

Our Law Office conducts negotiations by means of its expert team on debts or receivables of the clients and provides an advantageous reconciliation for both parties, follows up the debt/receivable structuring processes and follows up the relevant lawsuits.