Known Us

As Erdemir & Özmen Attorney Partnership, we have been providing corporate and individual legal services since 2009 by keeping our corporate values at the forefront, following legal, economic and technological developments closely, and with the principle of solution and result-oriented working. 

On our website, we will furnish you information about our law office and our works in general, and we will share with you some technical explanations specific to our fields of work, common and current issues concerning individuals and information notes prepared by our team about legal changes.  

Our values are the most important motivation that has brought us to these days.

We Are a Reliable, Fast and Efficient Solution Partner.

Trust is one of the most basic needs of people. This basic need shows itself as the most basic principle in working life. As a matter of fact, nobody will want to work with an institution or organization that they do not trust. The areas, where the rules of law which are necessary for ensuring social peace and legal security are applied, are the areas where the sense of trust should be satisfied in the highest degree. At this point, in our relationships we establish with our clients, we are reliable business partners for our clients with our transparent information sharing and collaborative approach by building the foundations of our corporate values on trust. 

The timely generation of a solution is a matter to which our law office as well as our clients attach importance. For this reason, we aim to generate the fastest solution possible under the circumstances. 

We Aim to Create and Add Value.

“Our Common Goal is Success”

We aim to generate the most profitable, feasible and sustainable solutions that will create value for them by accurately analyzing the needs, targets and expectations of our clients in the shortest possible time.

We Adapt to Change.

Change is the irresistible rule of life. Adapting to changing conditions is a necessity. We follow the recent developments in every field and adapt our corporate structure to change.