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September 2023 Using Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace: What are the Main Risks for Ethics?
July 2023 A Review of the Europian Union Artificial Intelligence Act
February 2023 Mandatory Mediation Between Traders in case of Negative Declaratory Actions Arising From a Lease Contract of Commercial Nature
February 2023 Eviction of Leased Property For Necessity
January 2023 Legislative Proposal on Amendment to Some Laws as a Part of the 7th Judical Reform Package
January 2022 Declaratory Judgment Action for Determination of Rent Under Recent Economic Developments
January 2022 Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin
December 2021 Certain Significant Amendments To The Enforcement And Bankruptcy Law
December 2021 Regulation and Communique on Payment and Electronic Money Institutions
August 2021 Draft Regulation on the Operating Principles of Digital Banks and Banking as a Service
May 2021 Is it legally possible to impose an attachment on a crypto asset?
May 2021 Crypto assets in Turkish Law
May, 2020 An Overview of The United Kingdom's Digital Dispute Resolution Rules
April, 2021 Regulation on Not Using Crypto Assets in Payments
April, 2021 Blocking of Access to Removal of Contents Under the Law Numbered 7253
April, 2021 Tax Exemption for Young Entrepreneurs Under 29 Years of Age, Who Have Established Start-Up
April, 2021 What is Individual Participation Investor (Angel Investor)?
April, 2021 In What Fields are Start-Ups Established?
April, 2021 Commercial Electronic Message and the Legal Framework
2020 Adaptation Lawsuit in Agreements in Terms of Lease Relationships and Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic
2020 Common Expense Payments in Shopping Centers and the Effect of Pandemic on Common Expenses
2020 Types of Defect in Consent, under the Turkish Obligations Code
2020 Eviction of the Lessee in Case of Nonpayment of the Rent
2020 Amendments Made Within the Scope of Short-Time Working Allowance due to Covid-19
November 2020 Statute of limitations periods in the Turkish Obligations Code numbered 6098
November 2020 New Legal Arrangements In The Restructuring Of Tax Liabilities
November 2020 Liability of Limited Liability Companies’ Shareholders for Public Debts
2020 Evaluations contained in the Personal Data Protection Board’s Decision Dated 22.07.2020 and Numbered 2020/560 Related to Building Complex Managements
September 2020 Evaluations contained in the Personal Data Protection Board’s decision dated 22.07.2020 and numbered 2020/560 related to building complex managements
September 2020 The deadlines related to the Commercial Electronic Message Management System (IYS) are postponed for the second time
August 2020 Regulation on Identity Sharing System
August 2020 Regulation on Data Sharing Board
August 2020 VAT Rate Reductions for Certain Sectors
August 2020 Under the Law numbered 7253, Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publication
July 2020 Bill on the Regulation of Social Media
July 2020 Building Complex Managements’ basic obligations arising from the Law on the Protection of Personal Data
June 2020 The Decision Dated 23.06.2020 and Numbered 2020/482, Taken by the Personal Data Protection Board within the Context of the Corona Virus Measures
June 2020 A New Period in Workplace Leases the Articles of the Turkish Obligations Code, Which will Enter into Force on 01.07.2020
June 2020 Measures Necessary to be taken within the Context of the Covid-19 Outbreak, in All Businesses Operating Under Office or Workplace System
2020 Effects of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Outbreak on Lease Agreements
June 2020 Postponement of the Deadlines for Registration with the Commercial Electronic Message Management System (IYS)
2020 Work Accidents within the Context of the Social Security Institution’s Circular Dated 07.05.2020 and Numbered 2020/12 About Covid-19
June 2020 In case of Expiration of a Hypothec Established for a Limited Period, How Does Its Deletion Take Place?
April 2020 Unpaid Leave Implementation within the Scope of the Law Numbered 7244
April 2020 Short-Time Working Implementation within the Scope of The Law Numbered 7244
April 2020 The Law on Mitigating the Effects of the New Corona Virus (Covid-19) Outbreak on Economic and Social Life with the Law on Making Amendments to Certain Laws, Numbered 7244
April 2020 Transfer of Personal Data Abroad and Binding Corporate Rules
April 2020 Financial Arrangements and Support Packages Introduced with the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Outbreak
April 2020 Financial Restructuring
April 2020 Evaluations on the Provision Introduced by “The Regulation on Banks’ Information Systems and Electronic Banking Services”, with regard to the Personal Data Protection Law
April 2020 Evaluations on the Corona Virus (Covid-19)-Related Implementations Under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data
April 2020 Open Banking in Turkey
April 2020 Provisions Introduced About Authentication and Transaction Security in Electronic Banking Services Under the Regulation on Banks’ Information Systems and Electronic Banking Services
April 2020 Legal Arrangements Made Within the Context of Public Tenders and the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Outbreak
April 2020 Legal Arrangements Made Within the Context of Eviction due to Nonpayment of the Rent in Office/Workplace Leases and Relevant Legal Arrangements Made due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Outbreak
March 2020 Evaluations on the New Effective Repentance Provision Regulated in Respect of the Crime of Causing a Check to Bounce
March 2020 Evaluations on the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Outbreak within the context of the Labor Law
March 2020 Announcement on the New Legal and Administrative Developments in the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Outbreak
March 2020 A Legal Framework Analysis on the Legal Relationships due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Outbreak
2019 Resolutions of Arbitration Committees for Consumer Problems
2019 Startup Law
2019 Defamation Through Social Media and Its Penal Sanction
2019 Expropriation and Lawsuits of Seizure without Expropriation
2019 Is Taking the Fingerprint of a Laborer at the Workplace a Practice Carried Out in Compliance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data?
2019 Employer’s Representative’s Overtime Receivable
2019 May a Staff, Who has Undersigned a Certificate of Release, File a Lawsuit Arising Therefrom?
2019 Legal Validity of the Contracts Established in Electronic Environment
2019 What is Blockchain?
2019 What is the Land Owner’s Liability to the Contractor in case the Land Owner Does Not Deliver His Land in a Condition Convenient for Construction?
2019 Legal Nature of Agreement Documents Prepared at the End of Mediation Process
2019 What is Valuable Residence Tax and How Should the Appeal Process be Conducted?
2019 What Should be Done by the Employer in case of the Staff’s Absenteeism?
2019 Is It Legally Possible for a Staff to Claim Severance Pay by Subsequently Transforming His Resignation into a Justifiable Reason?
2019 Why and How Should “The Explicit Consent” be Obtained as Sought for the Use and Transfer of Personal Data?
2019 Explanations about the Communique on Making Amendments to the Communique Regarding the Decree numbered 32 on the Protection of the Value of the Turkish Currency
2019 Will the Personnel, Who will Use the Buyout Option for Military Service, Become Entitled to Severance Pay?
2019 Evidentiary Value of Whatsapp Messages in Lawsuits of Divorce
2019 May Domesticated Animals be Fed in Building Complexes?
2019 May a Laborer’s Overtime be Included in His Monthly Wage?
2019 Unauthorized Exercise of the Right to Trademark, and the Right to Compensation for Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Damages and the Reputation Compensation to Arise Therefrom
2019 May a Reemployment Lawsuit be Filed Although the Relevant Mutual Rescission Agreement has been Signed?
2019 In Case the Employer Does Not Increase the Laborers’ Wages Equally, Does It Mean That the Employer is in Breach of His Obligation to Treat Equally?
2019 May Provisional Attachment Proceedings be Carried Out Against the Companies That Demanded Concordat?
2019 Rights of the New Owner and the Lessee in case of Transfer of a Rented House
2019 Recent Situation in Cartel Damage Compensation
2019 Are the Condominium Owners Responsible for the Common Expenses Pertaining to the Main Property with No Occupancy Permit?
2019 May the Physician be Sued If the Outcome of the Aesthetic Surgery is Disappointing?
2019 The Case Where Primary Employer – Sub-Employer Relationship is not Established: Assignment of the Work to Another Person on a Turn-Key Basis
2019 May One of the Spouses Invalidate a Hypothec Established on the Matrimonial House?