Corporate Debt Enforcement And Bankruptcy Law

The fluctuations in the economy adversely affect the corporate structures of all scales operating in commercial life and unfortunately lead to economic downturn for some. Our Law Office is engaged in a multilateral activity in this area for both the creditor and the debtor.  

For the debtor, Our Law Office provides supports by means of its expert team in matters such as protecting the assets of real and legal persons which have commercial value and who want to protect it, but who are in financial difficulty, determining the most appropriate solutions to the conditions of the concrete situation against the demands of creditors, taking necessary measures and restructuring to ensure the continuity of commercial activity.  

For the creditor, the collection of receivables of many corporate structures, particularly major credit and finance institutions, and the follow-up of the multilateral legal processes are carried out by our Law Office by means of an effective and expert team in accordance with the procedure and quickly.