Individual Business Law

Labor Law is undoubtedly one of the most common and frequently needed branches of law. It is very important that every employee involved in working life has at least a basic level of knowledge about this branch of law that regulates working life.

It is essential for employees to have legal knowledge and/or to receive professional legal support in matters that may have serious legal consequences such as establishment of employment relationship, prohibition of competition, ownership of intellectual rights, protection of personal data, confidentiality, awareness of obligations and rights towards employer and workplace, the execution and termination of the  employment relationship.  

Conflicts arising from labor law are unavoidable in working life, and the most conflicts are experienced in this area. Claims such as compensation for damages incurred due to work accidents, reemployment, severance and notice pay, labor receivables and similar cases are meticulously monitored and concluded in the most advantageous manners and ways for the clients by our team.