In today’s global-village, the parties to a dispute can originate from different nationalities and hence different legal systems. Due to confidentiality, the need for a quick dispute-resolution process and the need for expert approach to the subject matter of the dispute and for similar reasons,  the parties to a dispute may resort to international arbitration as their chosen dispute resolution method in the event that the case is arbitrable. Today, this choice, observed to occur frequently, becomes almost a norm for disputes arising from complex commercial relationships.  

Our team represents its clients  before international arbitration institutions and can easily respond to the need for practical experience during arbitration proceedings. 

With the expertise of acting before ICC, LCIA, SCAI, VIAC and other international arbitration institutions, we act for our clients in pre-arbitration phases (reference is partly made to multi-tiered arbitration clauses) and arbitration proceedings as well as the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and actions for setting-aside before Turkish courts.